Working through this book is like having your own personal life coach!

Maria Nemeth has done an outstanding job of guiding the reader through a series of engaging activities leading to a complete strategy for “playing the game” of life with clarity, focus, ease and grace. Her instructions for creating a “game worth playing” (based on your values and intentions), explanation of the challenges of “trouble at the border” (moving ideas into reality), and guidelines for effective action, will leave you feeling energized and empowered, ready to take action towards personal fulfillment.

(PDF) ONEpage™ Book Summary, by Therese Ducharme

LUMINOSITY = clarity, focus, ease, and grace in action
Living the life you are meant to live. Focused action.
Dancing with your dreams, engagement. Expressing yourself.

Luminosity is the result of action that reflects who you are.
Demonstrate a Life’s Intention (metaphysical) in physical reality.

Physical Reality = dense, impermanent, unpredictable (waves)
Metaphysical reality: unlimited possibility, ideas, dreams, visions…
timeless spiritual principles, unchanging (ocean)

Trouble at the Border:  Saboteur voice = resistance to change
Survival, protection;  anything new or different = danger

Obstacles = create interest, opportunity to develop mastery

Game worth playing = a Goal based on a Life’s Intention
personally meaningful opportunity to contribute/express myself

  1. Choose a life intention that is important to you (value “5")
  2. Write “I am willing” in front of it.
  3. Create a SMART goal. Keep it short and to the point.

(Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time based)

CLARITY = seeing what is truly important

When you see clearly where you are,
you will intuitively know what to do next

EXERCISE: reveal the Saboteur voice  (p25)
Identify 3 unfulfilled Goals/Dreams, list recurring themes/excuses

EXERCISE: list Monkey Mind symptoms (p59-62)  Just observe.
Notice they don’t change, no matter what the situation or goal.

Monkey Mind vs Wisdom
Insistent, survival oriented, dread/doom, defensive, humorless
Compassionate, spacious, humor, generosity, sense of all is well

ASK yourself… (instead of ‘What should I do?’)

  1. What is there for me to see about this situation?
  2. What is important or meaningful to me about this?

EASE = venturing toward our dreams without struggle
Ease does not mean Easy. Ease happens when your actions are coherent.

Coherence = actions in alignment with what you value

Take corrective action to restore coherence.
Small actions lead to whole-life results.

We are here to become conscious conduits of energy.

Focus the six energies on your goal:
Money, Time, Physical Vitality, Creativity, Enjoyment, and Relationships
(give and receive support, talk about what is important to you
– your goals, dreams, and Life’s Intentions)

Nevertheless, I am willing
You already are what you are willing to be.
You just need/want to demonstrate it.

TOOLS for playing the game

EXERCISE: Life’s Intentions Inventory (p72-73)

Affirmation = statement of what is true right now
(monkey mind has no objection to truth)

Write: “I am willing to be” before each of your life’s intentions.

Standards of Integrity = principles that guide you
to wake up to your true nature. They reflect what endures.

EXERCISE: Your Standards of Integrity (values)  (p86-90)
Create a list of qualities/attributes/traits you admire.

This list is a reflection of who you are.
Qualities you value in others are the qualities that lie within you.

See directly into the heart of who people really are, ontologically. (p127)

FOCUS = directing energy/attention toward what calls to our heart

Our conclusions shape our personal life experiences.
Focus on what you want to create and contribute.

Process we use to create our life experiences:

  1. Form a conclusion
  2. Gather evidence to validate the conclusion
  3. Show up/react based on the evidence
  4. Others show up in response to our behavior

Whatever you focus on repeats itself.
Shift your attention to luminous thoughts/conclusions…
like your Life’s Intentions and Standards of Integrity.

How to shift your focus/attention?

  1. Observe, instead of analyze.
  2. Be willing.
  3. Ask yourself ontological questions that open possibility.
  4. Be gentle with yourself. Keep walking.

GRACE = the outward expression of inward harmony of the soul

Principle = guideline (from within), not a rule (imposed)
Practice spiritual principles precisely.

Shift your focus from responsibility to privilege.
Happiness = feeling. Focus on Luminosity (greater).
Discover ways to contribute to others.

Cultivate gratitude. Keep a gratitude journal.
List 3 things you are grateful for each night. Savor the feeling.

Stage 1:  CREATION (occurs in metaphysical reality)
Stage 2:  LIFT OFF (transition from metaphysical to physical)
'Trouble at the Border' requires most energy, subtle movement.
Stage 3:  MOMENTUM (flow) Enjoy results, pace yourself.
Stage 4:  STABILITY (mastery) Beware of entropy, finish.
Stage 5:  BREAKTHROUGH (create new goal)