Well grounded in scientific research, The Body Ecology Diet has revolutionized my eating habits. Based on ten basic principles, every suggestion is supported by factual information and scientific resources. I have been pouring over these pages for weeks now, and find myself continually drawn back for more information.

For me, this has been the introduction to a healthier way of life, rather than a simple (and temporary) “diet.”

(PDF) ONEpage™ Book Summary, by Therese Ducharme

SEVEN PRINCIPLES of eating and healing…

Principle #1. Expansion/Contraction
Combining opposites leads to balance. (e.g. hot + cold = warm)

Principle #2. Acid/Alkaline
Homeostasis = pH 7.6 (slightly alkaline)

Principle #3. Uniqueness
Listen to your own body.

Principle #4. Cleansing
Symptoms (emotional too) can get worse as toxins are released.
Cleanse the colon, rest, keep warm, and drink lots of fluids.

Principle #5. Food Combining
RULE #1: Eat fruits alone, on an empty stomach.
RULE #2: Eat protein with non-starchy vegetables.
RULE #3: Eat grains OR grain-like seeds OR starchy vegetables
with non-starchy vegetables.

NEVER eat animal protein with starchy vegetables or grains.

Principle #6. The 80/20 Principle
RULE #1: Eat until stomach is 80% full, leave 20% for digesting.
RULE #2: On your plate, 80% vegetables,
20% protein OR grain-like seeds OR starchy veggies

WINTER: 80% cooked (warming), 20% raw (cooling)
SUMMER: 20% cooked (warming), 80% raw (cooling)

Principle #7. Step by Step
Take smaller steps toward a permanent lifestyle change.

Candida = rapidly growing, expanding fungus,
thrives in impure, dark, moist contracted areas.

Humans are contracted beings (animal kingdom, like the meats).
Stress (contraction) ® crave sweet, expanding foods. Use stevia.

Acidity allows yeast, viruses, cancer cells & parasites to grow,
and leads to chronic fatigue, arthritis, and allergies.
Alkaline minerals: sodium, calcium, potassium, and magnesium

Avoid Braggs Amino Acids. (supports yeast)

Fermented Foods (“saurkraut,” needed for proper digestion)
Sour taste negates the desire for sweets.

Young Coconut Kefir (many health benefits)
Ferment coconut water, drink with sour fruit juice or stevia.
Ferment coconut meat = kefir (pudding, like dairy-free plain yogurt)

Eat protein meals between 11am and 2pm, with vegetables.
Add cultured foods, digestive enzymes to aid protein digestion.

Manage viral infections (low grade fever) by eating raw (cooling and cleansing), strengthen body with cooked (warming) foods.

Cleansing foods: lemon, lime, raw apple cider vinegar, raw cultured veggies, young coconut kefir. (hot water w/lemon, warm teas).

Travel: eat expansive, alkaline-forming foods. (fruits, veggies)
and drink more water

WATER (8 glasses/day, alone, room temperature)
First thing in the morning, you are dehydrated.
Drink 12 oz water, 12 oz with lemon (stimulates peristalsis).

Fruits (sour are best, first thing in the morning, after water)
Lemon, lime, cranberry, strawberry, blueberry, grapefruit, kiwi
Lemon with animal protein (like salmon) aids digestion.

Acidic/sour fruits ok with protein fat, or nuts/seeds.
Tomatoes (fruit) ok with green salad.

Alkaline breakfast = sour fruits with protein fat,
or green smoothie w/protein powder

“Probiotic juice” = sour juice (black currant*, or pomegranate)
with a probiotic drink (coconut kefir)

*unsweetened black currant juice = stimulates appetite,
soothes upset stomach, good for anemia, high in vitamin C,
antioxidant, nourishes adrenal glands, gives you energy

Protein (eat with non-starchy vegetables, allow 3 hrs after)
salmon and sardines (Omega-3s) good for circulatory system
eggs strengthen the thyroid (grounding and energizing)

Protein Fats (combine with non starchy veggies, or acid fruits)
Avocado, olives, cheese, seeds (soak 8 hours), and nuts.
Also dairy foods (yogurt, milk kefir).

Use milk kefir. (Avoid olives. They often contain mold.)
Nuts and seeds are concentrated, eat small quantities.
Soak and sprout (12 hrs each)

Grains (soak 8-24 hours)

Grain-like seeds (moderate quantities, soak 8-24 hrs)
amaranth, quinoa, buckwheat, millet, cornmeal
blue cornmeal chips or blue flour tortillas (slows digestion)

Starchy Foods
(combine only with grain-like seeds and non-starchy veggies)
acorn and butternut squash, lima beans, peas, cooked corn,
water chestnuts, artichokes, red potatoes

Protein Starches (eat with non starchy AND cultured veggies)
Dried peas, soybeans, beans

Fats and Seed Oils
Extra virgin olive oil, organic coconut oil, butter, and ghee.
Never combine a large amount of fat with a protein
(like mayo and tuna or chicken).

Dried Beans, Peas, and Soybeans = starch + protein,
therefore difficult to digest, cause gas. Soybeans should be fermented.
Use miso, natto, and wheat-free low-sodium tamari.

Ocean Veggies (rich in minerals, strengthen the thyroid)
Agar, arame, dulse hijiki, kelp, kombu, nori, sea palm, wakame
Arame (eliminates constipation)
Salty, eat with sweet veggies (onions, carrots) for balance