ONEpage™ Summaries

As an advocate of consolidating notes (on any topic) to a single page as a process for deepening learning, I offer these ONEpage™ summaries of some recently read books and teachings.

You are welcome to use them…

  • to preview the book or concept (to help you decide whether you want to read it)
  • as a reference while you are reading
    (for perspective on how the current information fits into the broader concept)
  • as a starting point for your own one page summary or study guide
  • to review the details of what was presented (when you want to refresh your memory)
Note that the goal of these ONEpage™ summaries is to present the author’s core message on a single page. They are useful as pointers to the central concepts and supporting ideas, but do not capture the artistic expression, nor the depth and complexity (richness) of the original text. In every case, there is so much more available to the reader of the complete work.


Body Ecology Diet
Many Lives, Many Masters

Steal Like an Artist by Austin Kleon
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