b : difficult to understand or perceive : OBSCURE

The word “subtle” has two distinct meanings. Usually, when I think of energy, I think of the “subtle realm,” and I think of subtle as “invisible.” Miriam-Webster’s second definition of “difficult to understand or perceive” works here. Some people see it, some people don’t. It is still there.

I know that everything is energy. Everything has a distinct vibration. I know that.

The surprise to me was that even though I have known this for a long time, it suddenly occurred to me that “energy is real!” What? Yes, and it can be subtle, as in “delicate,” which makes it “difficult to perceive.” I think this delicate aspect is what I had overlooked.

It struck me that even the slightest hint of an intention creates an effect, like the ripple on the smooth surface of a pond, when you barely touch the surface of the water. I like this metaphor.

Notice that the ripple moves through the entire surface of the pond, just as a larger wave would. What is the difference when you drop a huge rock into the lake? Only the amplitude of the wave. Both a light touch and a heavier rock create waves that ripple though the entire body of water.

We affect one another in profound, though imperceptible, ways. I am reminded to mind my thoughts, and to “lightly touch” the world with gratitude and appreciation, with blessings, and with love.