What is a ONEpage™ Summary?

Summarized information written on a single page. Take any amount of information, and consolidate, organize, synthesize, and summarize, until you can get all the key concepts onto a single sheet of paper. Obviously, space is at a premium. Some ideas will just have to be written in words. Some can more completely and succinctly be expressed through labeled diagrams or images. Some information can be conveyed through placement on the page. For example, you can show that two ideas are related by putting them next to each other. This is also a good way to compare and contrast.  Examples >>

Why write a ONEpage™ Summary?

Learning happens as we make decisions about the relevance and relationship of new content to our existing paradigms. When you create a ONEpage™ Summary, the limited space on the page forces you to evaluate your information. What is most important? What details need to be included to convey the complete idea? Which ideas are redundant or related? How can related concepts most clearly and simply be explained?

All these decisions cause you to connect and sort the information in multiple ways. Each time, new pathways are activated in your brain, and the more connections you have to a piece of information, the easier it is to retrieve that information later.

Benefits of Creating a ONEpage™ Summary

  • deeper understanding of the new information
  • enhanced recall
  • longer retention
  • you will have a reference from which to study or review the information you summarized