It has become widely accepted that recurrent thoughts, especially when layered with emotion and intention, create reality. As they say in the East, “where attention goes, energy follows.”

It makes sense that whatever you continually think about will influence the way you make decisions, and with ongoing, seemingly small choices, the course of your life will reflect that thinking. Most of us go through the day, dealing with what comes up in front of us, without paying much attention to how we respond. At some point, we may notice the repetitive pattern, and  get tired of the “same old, same old.”

So, how do you change how your day shows up?
What effect could changing your thoughts have on your life?

By the time we reach 35, most of our thinking is unconscious and habitual, based on our past experiences. In order to begin to think differently, we are going to need support, as well as a set of tools or techniques we can rely on. Overcoming any habit takes energy, focus, and determination. Repetition builds the new habit.

What are you willing to do to help your life unfold differently?

Dr. Joe Dispenza ( makes a case for taking time every morning to “create your day.” Sitting quietly, reflecting on how you want to think, act, and feel throughout the day, can be a very powerful practice. Simply getting clear on how you DO want your life to be, down to the smallest detail, will make a huge difference! At least you will know what you are choosing… or not choosing.

Deepen the practice by daring to imagine how you will feel, when life surprises you and begins to unfold the way you wished it would. Go even further, by trusting that it will, and become grateful for the life you know is coming, as if it has already happened.

Rehearse how you will act when different scenarios arise, plan what you will say, and how you will say it. Make it real.