You’ve decided to give it a try.
You are taking a few minutes every morning to “create your day.”

You feel great. You are focused. You are sure this day will be different.

Then you get up and go about your business, and next thing you know, something happens. This wasn’t what you practiced!

STOP for a moment. You are at a choice point, one of those seemingly insignificant moments that can change the course of your life.

How will you respond? Will you drop into unconsciousness, reacting as usual, or will you pause to remember how you planned to be in your life, elevating your response to a conscious choice?

Dr Joe Dispenza calls this moment of conscious choice “being greater than your environment.” Your environment consists of anything outside yourself — the people, places, things, and situations around you. Each time you choose to respond consciously to the people and situations in your life, you reinforce the new habit or way of being you are trying to create or define for yourself. And each time, you strengthen and develop the neural connections in your brain that make it easier to choose consciously the next time.

It doesn’t look like much, this one moment of choice, but THIS is what will change the way your life shows up for you. You are the driver, and the moments of choice serve as your steering wheel. You control the direction and flow of your life through your awareness and conscious choices.

How WILL you choose to respond to your environment?
Will you be paying attention as you move through the day, noticing when you are at a choice point?